Mixxer is a psychological thriller/crime/drama, feature film that will leave the audience guessing who’s to blame as the protagonist is forced to face his own demons.

Logline: Accused of a crime, one man finds assistance in unexpected places to clear his name.

Synopsis: Brian Weiland, a mid 30s year old bartender at a local pub called O’Shea’s Tavern. Following a shift one night, he takes his normal route home through Swain’s Park on foot. He stumbles upon the lifeless body of Becky, a troubled young woman in her mid 20s. She was at the bar earlier that night fighting her her boyfriend via text, and now she is propped up on a bench with her throat slashed. Not wanting any trouble, and fearful of his own safety, Brian runs to his apartment where he dwells on the implications until dawn.

The following night at the bar, Brian is again amongst the regular cast of characters, including Morty the town drunk. Exhausted and failing to concentrate, he is feeding Morty free drinks from the orders he keeps messing up. In walks Darla, early 30s, thin and frail, recently homeless. She gets into an argument with one of the regulars, a sleazy real estate agent named Matthew, and is forced to leave. Wandering the streets, she is intentionally struck by a mysterious car, rendering her unconscious. She is then grabbed and taken away in the vehicle. After clocking out early, Brian decides to walk through the nearby strip mall parking lot, avoiding the park. On his way, the mysterious car drives through the alley, dumping Darla’s bloodied body at his feet before driving off. Managing a brief peek at the killer in disguise behind the wheel is little consolation to Brian who is frozen with indecision. Coming to his senses, he backtracks to the bar and sneaks into a storeroom from the back door where he sleeps it off.

Before opening the next day, two detectives visit the bar, Casey, in her 30s, and Sean, in his late 20s. In questioning Brian, Casey becomes suspicious of him. They get called away to Darla’s crime scene where her suspicions are reenforced by evidence left at that scene. Back at the precinct, the detectives begin crossing off the list of possible suspects when they pull up Brian’s prior criminal history, making him the prime suspect. Subsequent interviews with various leads also limit the number of possible perpetrators while marking the bar as the common denominator.

The late night news report plays on the bar television. Rachel, a budding news reporter, compares the recent murders to a decades ago serial killer that plagued a nearby town. Brian defensively scoffs at the reporting. Morty chastises Brian for dismissing the tale, forewarning that we all have demons. Later that night, Brian gets locked in the cellar. During that time, unbeknownst to everyone, another murder takes place out back by the dumpster. This time it was Stacy, a 30 year old party girl. She was inside the bar fighting with her significant, Chad, a sober, nerdy 30 year old, before leaving abruptly. She is not found until morning.

Brian had slept in the storeroom again after the ordeal with the cellar. That afternoon, Casey enters with uniformed police officers that cuff him and lead him out the back way, past Stacy as she is zipped up in a body bag. Rachel peppers him with questions, one being, “Would you consider yourself a copycat?” He is taken away to the precinct for questioning.

Julia, a defense attorney, springs Brian after hours of interrogation, but not before he provides a description of the killer for a sketch artist. The portrait eerily resembles the disguise from the past serial killer. The police captain, Bill, had worked the serial killer case when he first became a detective and is now convinced that Brian is a copycat since the original mysteriously vanished decades ago. He discourages Casey and Sean from investigating anything to the contrary and places a tail on Brian.

Rachel visits Brian with a hidden agenda. Under the guise of helping clear Brian’s name, she is looking for a story on the serial killer. She stays with him to get her story. Her research uncovers several secrets about both Brian and the killer. She devises a plan to use herself as bait to catch him with Brian’s help. The plan goes awry, and she is murdered like the other three. Text from her to Brian before the murder is enough to have him placed in jail for the murders.

Julia, Casey, and Sean sift through all the evidence and begin to believe Brian’s story. Against Bill’s demands, they go after a new suspect. With clever police work and a little luck, Casey and Sean come face to face with the real killer, unravelling a web of mystery and obstruction.


directed by:  
Caster Fagan

written by:  
Caster Fagan & Thomas J. O'Brien

produced by:  
Paul Mormando, Caster Fagan &
Supple Films

director of photography:
Paris Holmes

Christopher Picone

executive producer:  
Caster Fagan

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